There is the famous proverb which says that a self-praise is not a recommendation and the character reference letter actually works on the same saying since the letter implies that it’s not you who can define your character rather it should be defined by the people by whom you are surrounded in your day to day life. 

A character reference letter is basically the one such letter in which a person defines the character of some other person whom the person knows closely. This letter may be required on different occasions when a person needs to prove his/her character so that a particular decision can be taken upon the character of the concerned person. 

For instance, a character reference letter may be required in the court of justice for any person on whom the allegation of any crime has been imposed and the character reference letter may really help the judge to take the final decision on the case.

Here in this article, we are going to offer you the several kinds of the character reference letter template, which can be used to write the different kinds of the character reference letter for any specific person.

Character Reference Letter Format 

Well, if there is anything that you will need at a very first place to draft the character reference letter it would be the format of this letter. The format is the foremost part of the character reference letter, which should be formed in accordance with the type of letter. 

You need to keep certain guidelines while drafting the format which we are specifying below.

  • The format of the letter should be divided into the different parts as per the content of the letter to say the introduction, main body of the letter and then the conclusion part.
  • Keep in your mind that the letter doesn’t need to be extra long rather the majority of the character reference letter just finishes in the single page.
  • Leave the ample space for the main body of the letter so that the whole content can be put in.
  • Now, at last, you need the frame for the proper ending of the letter. 

We are attaching the several formats ideas for the character reference letter which will provide you with the in-depth exposure of these letters. 

How To Write a Character Reference Letter

Well, in this section we are going to offer you some simple tips, which will guide you to write this character reference letter in an easy manner. 

We urge you to follow these tips and then write your own letter accordingly.

  • Prepare the formal opening of the letter for the person to whom the character reference letter is being addressed.
  • Write the subject matter of the letter and then prepare the formal and respectful salutation of the letter.
  • Now just move to the introductory part of the letter where you need to introduce yourself to the reader of the letter. 
  • State who are you and what is your connection with the person for whom the character reference letter is being written.
  • Next, you just need to get going by specifying the character of the letter using the least meaningful words which can convey the whole personally traits of the other person.
  • You can make up some true stories or the circumstances for the reference purpose which can depict the character of the other person.
  • Now in the conclusion part, you just need to make your ultimate analysis of the character of the concerned person and deliver your final words for the same. 
  • Now at last just end your letter with your signature and the regards in the letter.

Character Reference Letter For Court

This is one of those places where the character reference letters are highly used every now and then since in the legal matters the reference of the character of the concerned person plays a significant role. 

Here in this section, you can check out the sample of the court character reference letter for your consideration.

Marcus Stonis
Beverly Hills
Street No 9211 California USA
Date- 25/05/2019
Presiding Judge/Magistrate_________
Re-Character Reference Letter for Michael Jackman 
Your Honour, 

I’m writing and presenting you this letter with my noble purpose of stating the character of my close friend Michael Jackman with whom I have been working more than a decade now. I have personally known him in many of his character aspects since a long time and in tons of situations from life. 

With this character reference for him, I can assure you that he is a very diligent, honest, considerate and the man of noble principles, who is dedicated to the well being of others whoever may be in his contact.

He has been rewarded with the multiple rewards for his character and the hard work from the organization at the workplace and there is no single complaint yet lodged against him which should be enough to speak up about his character.

I have been informed about his criminal proceedings in the court which felt like a shock to my ears since it is something unbelievable to be heard for the person whom I have admired whole my life. I’m not having the full information about the crime which has been filed against him in the case but I can assure you that he is not having any such criminal nature character and the history which can push him to commit such crime. 

As my final words, I would surely stand out with the good character of him which I have always encountered for a long period of time. I hope that this of mine character reference letter for him would provide you a basic idea about his character and make your verdict accordingly.

Marcus Stonis 

Character Witness Letter

A character witness letter in the simple word is that letter which is written by any person for some other person whose character the first person has witnessed closely. 

It is called basically a character witness letter and it can play a crucial role at some important occasions by providing the character information regarding the character of a subject person. 

Here you can check out the sample of the character witness letter.

Date- 12/12/2013

To Whom It May Concern 
Subject- Character witness letter for Mr. Tom Cruise

I have been aware of Mr. Tom Cruise since quite a long period of time now who has been my childhood friend since two and a half decades. With this character reference letter for him, I would like to vouch that he is one of those people who are raised up with the high morale and high integrity.

Being his close childhood friend we have spent all types of time in life together and he has already won my heart with his well-being attitude and simplicity. He believes in deep morale and high thinking and acts in his life in a similar manner.

I hope that this character witness letter from me would help you to analyze his character in the best possible manner and you would take your decision accordingly on the concerned matter. 

Yours Sincerely 
Sundar Pichai

So, this is how you can write the character witness letter using the tips and ideas from the above sample.

Characters Reference Letter Template in (PDF & Word Format

Character Reference Letter Format 

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