About Us

We have developed this site to provide you with the best character reference templates. A character reference or character certificate is an official letter providing a brief description about someone’s character. So it can be very significant for an employer to get a bird’s eye view about the character of a candidate and whether he fill fit in the company’s environment.

Characterreference.net is a website that provides users with character reference information for fictional characters from various media. The website includes a wide variety of character reference information, including photos, biography, and Wiki articles. Users can access the information by using the links provided on the website. You can have many kinds of character letters here such as Character Letter Reference for Court, Friend Character Reference Letter, Good Character Letter for Court, Character Reference for Job, Professional Character Reference Letter, etc. We provide these for you to make your work easy. If you want any type that you can’t find on our website then do let us know, and we will add that too.

A good character reference can be very useful for giving you an upper hand over other candidates in securing a job. So if you want to write a character reference letter for your friend or your subordinate, you can download and print the templates which we have provided here. These templates can be used to write a character reference letter for a job, character reference letter for a court, etc. So these editable templates can be downloaded and printed and any relevant details may be added. It is very useful as to provide a proof about the character of a candidate and his past behavior in his previous workplace, if any.