Character Reference Letter For Court: Character letter reference is one of the most important documents which is presented in the favour of defendant. it helps in explaining the qualities of the accused which defendant’s layer use to show in the court.

How To Write a Character Reference Letter For Court

This letter is not used for the important person but a person with a good deeds witness and has some positive things to say about him/her. this letter will be more useful when its written by people who know about the defended for some time. This letter plays a very important role in the particular case, sometimes it changes the whole scenario.

How To Write a Character Reference For Court


Sample Letter For Character Reference For Court

character reference explains about the whole positive side of the defendant, this reference part is the whole responsibility of lawyer’s who is fighting the case .for writing this letter your lawyer should discuss with you and should give some advice, to give best references. this letter helps the accused to make a good impression on the judge.

Sample Letter For Character Reference For Court

Character Reference Letter For Family Member For Court

Some time a character reference letter is written by family or friends and sometimes it is written by lawyer himself after gathering information about accused. through this letter, one could not explain the whole life of accused it consists of some important incident of accused person’s life which define his character or the person who he/she is? it gives the direct view of the person who is accused.

Character Reference Letter For Family Member For Court


Character Reference Letter Format For Court

should know of few things before writing a reference letter in court:

  1. charges on a guilty person: -before writing a letter you should know which kind of charges are applied on accused, like reference letter for drink and drive will be very different from the sexual harassment.
  2. whom you are going to write this letter:- like you are going to write this letter to judge or magistrate.

Character Reference Letter Format For Court

Character Reference Letter For Court Sentencing

Things which we should follow during writing a letter:

  • Before writing it, have some conversation with defendant’s layer.
  • Always type the letter don’t use handwritten letters.
  • Print it in official letterhead.
  • Always write your personal details.
  • Mention the time for which you are known about guilty.
  • Write that you are aware of charges applied to the accused.

Things which should not do during writing a reference letter:

  • Never write the wrong statement, it could mislead the court.
  • Never give any suggestion, what should be done or not.
  • Do not make any kind of judgement.
  • Don’t need to write extra things in which the court is not interested. you have to comment on the things which you really know about the person.

Character Reference Letter For Court Sentencing

Steps to Write a Reference Letter:

  1. First, start the reference with date, write the date on the top.
  2. Then after date, you have to address the person whom you writing this reference like the presiding magistrate if are writing in a supreme court address the presiding judge.
  3. Start writing with your honour.
  4. After this, you should address your self or give your brief introduction.
  5. After that should state the relationship with the accused person.
  6. After all these processes you should write the positive aspects of the accused. but it can’t be a lie, you should write only truth .if you will not follow this you could also be an accused person.
  7. You should have write whole content in a formal way and with honesty.
  8. You should write about accused that you are sorry for what they have done. mention that accused person is also feeling sorry for what he has done. write that the accused will pay compensation for damage or not. have he gone for any kind of counselling.
  9. Write in what circumstances he did these kinds of mistakes.
  10. Write the person’s general character and reputation.
  11. Explain the hardships of his life, which kind of person he use to be.
  12. Write all your opinion regarding the accused person.
  13. At the end of this letter put your signature and complete this letter.

Where To Send This Reference Letter:

  • Send it to the jail where accused use to prison. send it before the date of hearing.
  • You can also send it the lawyer, who is fighting for him/her.
  • Before sending it you can also discuss it with the lawyer.


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