The character witness letter is the testimonial letter that stands as the proof for the identity of any individual. This letter is very popular and useful across a number of occasions to assess the character of any individual.

For instance, you can see the application of character witness letters in the consideration of job applications or even in court cases. These organizations generally ask for the character witness letter from the concerned candidate.

Character Letter for Witness

A character witness letter does the job of providing the character assessment of any person. The character witness letter examples are written by a person who is closely known to that other person. For instance, a friend or neighbor of the individual can write the character witness letter for the person. It may also be written by some other people who have been in close proximity with such a person.

You may need the character witness letter when you are applying for the job or even in court proceedings. It basically vouches for the character reference of such an individual to determine whether the character of the individual is suitable for any purpose or not.

How to write a character witness letter?

Well, writing the character witness letter in the right way is very significant since it plays a huge role for such individuals. So, always try to write an influential character witness letter that proves to be fruitful for the industry.

You can follow some of our below-mentioned tips to draft this character witness letter.

  • Start the letter with your name as the addresser of the letter with the proper address and contact number.
  • Write the subject matter of the letter.
  • Next, simply write the salutation as “To whom it may concern”.
  • Now start the main body of the letter by introducing yourself to the reader.
  • Also, write that how you got to interact with the concerned person.
  • You can now start providing your opinion on the character of the individual.
  • You can also mention some occasions or events that may prove or vouch for the character assessment of the individual.
  • Be legit in the letter and don’t fake it with the fake praises towards the individual.
  • Keep the letter precise and end it on the good notes. 

Sample of Character Witness Letter

We have here covered the sample of the character witness letter as the reference source for our readers. They can use the example of character witness letter as the motivation and guidance to write their own character witness letter.

Charlie Chaplin
PO Box 908757 Bangkok

Date- ××/xx/XXXX

Subject – Character witness letter

To Whom It May Concern

I’m writing this character witness letter for Miss Ashley Peterson who has been my office colleague for more than 3 years now. The purpose of this letter is to assess the character of Miss Ashley Peterson and provide me opinion thereon. I have personally spent my half of office working time with her for more than the 3 years continuously.

In this span of time period, I have never noticed anything fishy or sick about her character. She has been among one of the top-performing employees of our office and has also won several awards for her diligent and hard-working character. She is the lady of principle who follows her passion for the things that she loves doing and this makes her very ambitious towards many things in life.

I can definitely vouch for her character as I know her not just professionally but also personally. She always comes forward for providing the required assistance to the colleague and cooperates with everyone. Moreover, she has a very professional yet jovial attitude that fits perfectly for the professional and personal relationships with colleagues. At the end of this character reference witness letter, I would definitely recommend her for the consideration and selection of any professional designation.

Thanks & regards
Charlie Chaplin

Character Witness Letter Template in PDF and Word

  • When you are preparing to write a character witness letter, it is important to keep in mind the following tips.
  • Start by writing a letter that is respectful and positive. Be sure to focus on your friend’s good qualities, rather than their flaws.
  • Make sure your letter is well-organized and easy to read. Take the time to spell out each individual’s name correctly and make sure all relevant information is included.
  • Include a personal anecdote about your friend that can help illustrate their positive character traits.
  • End your letter by expressing your hope that the court will consider your friend as a credible witness during their trial proceedings.

The following are some of examples of character witness letters:

Character Witness Letter

PDF | Word

Character Witness Letter Template

PDF | Word

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