A character reference letter for friend is the letter that provides the reference for the friend of any person. It’s obvious that this letter is generally written by a close friend of the person. Character reference letters play a huge role in providing credibility for the character of the person. This is why the character reference letter always remains significant across many occasions.

Character reference letter for A friend

There comes a time when any close friend of ours requires the reference of his/her character from us. It is required in the context of job etc where the assessment of the character becomes a relevant factor. This is when the character reference letter comes to play as the important tool for the reference of the character. It ensures the character credibility of the person so that the person can be assessed whether the person fits in for the job or any other purpose. The character letter for a friend is very popular and relevant on a number of occasions.

How to write a character reference letter for a friend?

Want to know write a reference letter for a friend? Well, writing the character reference letter for a friend is significant as it will ultimately provide for the reference of a friend. This is why you should write this reference letter example for friend with utmost care.

You can check out the below-mentioned step-by-step guide to writing a reference letter for a friend.

  • Start the letter with your name as the person who is providing the reference for the friend.
  • Next, write the name to whom the letter is being addressed or simply address it to whom it may concern.
  • Mention the subject of the letter before starting the main body.
  • Now come to the main body of the letter and start drafting it by introducing yourself.
  • You can next state the objective of the letter and then start the rest of the part for the letter.
  • Mention that how long you have been aware of your friend and provide for his character reference.
  • Keep the letter precise yet provide all the relevant information regarding the character.
  • Don’t lie or brag about anything unnecessarily in the letter.
  • At last, conclude the letter on a positive note always as the ultimate assessment of the character of your friend.

Sample of Character Reference Letter for friend

To Whom It May Concern

I’m writing this character reference letter for my friend Mr. Arvind Khera has also been my coworker for 2 years now. I know Mr. Arvind Khera for the last 10 years as he has been my neighbor since then. Furthermore, we both have been working as well for about 2 years now. I provide my open reference for his character that he is the man of utmost principle and hard work. He has a very decent work ethic and professional credibility at his previous workplace. Furthermore, He had achieved the number of employees of the year award at his workplace and had always given more than his capability to the work.

He is fully dedicated and passionate about his job and always shows the same in his work diligence. I believe he is an invaluable asset to any company that he might be planning to join in his career perspective ahead. So, Kindly consider him in positive regard and grant him a chance to prove his worth. I’m damn sure that he would be taking the company to whole new dimensions.

Thanks & Regards
Tom Fisher

Character Reference Letter For friend in PDF and Word

All our readers can here check out the reference letter template for a friend for themselves. It will therefore work as the practical guide to draft this letter for your own self. We believe it will assist all our readers in writing the character reference letter for their respective friends. The following gives samples of personal reference letter for friend.

Character Reference Letter for friend

PDF | Word

Character Reference Letter for friend PDF

PDF | Word

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