Character Letter for Child Custody Sample Template in Pdf & Word

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The character reference letter for court child custody is an important document that a party to a divorce or parenting dispute may need to provide in order to demonstrate that they have the trust and respect of the other person. The letter should state certain key facts about the person receiving the reference, such as their names, ages, and relationship to the parties involved.

A character letter for child custody is a letter from someone who knows the character well and is familiar with their personality. This letter can be used to argue that the person should be given custody of the child in case of a dispute between the parents.

One reason to write character letters for child custody is that it can be an important way to show that you care about your child and want their best interests at heart. You can also use these letters as a way to build trust with the other party in order to reach a resolution.

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 Character Letter for Child Custody 

When deciding whether or not to keep a child with their parents, it is important to think about what kind of reference letter you can use. A character reference letter is a letter that is written by someone who knows the person well and has an opinion of the person. This letter can be used in court to support or oppose the custody decision.

Printable Character Letter for Child Custody 

When it comes to writing a character reference letter for court child custody, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure your reference is someone you know very well and who you can trust. Additionally, be sure to include some of the following information in your letter:

Your contact information: A list of phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information will help ensure that you can always reach out if anything goes wrong.

Your resume: If your Reference is looking for something specific on your resume, be sure to share that information with them. It will show that you’re an expert on the topic at hand.


While character reference letters can be helpful for court child custody cases, they are not a complete guide. It is important to consider the specific circumstances of the case and to evaluate the actions taken by both parties in order to make a two-part decision on who should be awarded custody.


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